So it was a hundred years ago, so it remains the same today. Only technology has changed
Beauty is freedom!
We value the time of our patients and offer a range of cosmetic services with a "wow" effect!

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The beauty of every our client inspires us!
The Dr. Dudikova Clinic was established by Ms. Ekaterina Dudikova, a dermatologist and Master of Medicine with 15 years of experience. The main goal of the Clinic team is to ensure for its patients only the best of what is currently offered by the modern global medicine and cosmetology, contributing step by step to the development of aesthetic medicine in Ukraine.

And every day we help you find and emphasize naturalness and harmony through our accumulated experience, the best techniques and preparations. Learning from a Doctor of Medicine trusted by Hollywood stars, a leading world specialist in laser technology Mr. Simon Orian (U.S.), experience exchange in the clinic of the famous surgeon and dermatologist Mr. Jason Emer (U.S.), cooperation with the leading plastic surgeon Mr. Rostislav Valikhnovsky (Ukraine), internships at leading clinics in the U.S., Italy, Great Britain and Israel – all of this allows us to be the first in Ukraine to introduce the advanced treatment protocols methods.
The beauty of every our client inspires us!
The clinic specializes in prevention and control of the face and body aging with the help of laser, instrumental and
injection cosmetology.
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Clinic Team
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Frax Fractional Rejuvenation
photothermolysis with FRAX 1550 technology. Only a few sessions will help get rid effectively of various aesthetic defects and rejuvenate the skin without much effort and time spending.

The procedures are performed both on the whole face, neck, décolleté, and with an emphasis on separate zones: eyelids, lips, chin, earlobes. As a result, the skin is fresh, smooth, taut and shining with health. Moreover, the device allows treatment area adjustment while acting without the risk of scarring and burns.
Once there comes a time when the facials you make on your own at home using whatever-you-can-imagine no longer justify expectations, and you need to rely on professionals in an attempt if not to stop the time, then at least to preserve freshness...
Journalist, TV presenter
Alexey Sukhanov
The clinic of Dr. Ekaterina Dudikova is excellent. I use its services myself and recommend it to others!
Ukrainian singer, TV presenter and actress
Olya Polyakova
The famous theater and movie actress Olga Sumskaya left a pleasant feedback for us after visiting our Dr. Dudikova Clinic: "Ekaterina Vladimirovna, every visit to you gives a feeling of joy!"
Theater and movie actress
Olga Sumskaya
"I start my morning not with a coffee, but from beauty at the Dr. Dudikova Clinic of laser cosmetology and medicine. I chose for myself face procedures with the equipment which is "the one-of-a-kind in Ukraine", doing face skin photo-rejuvenation and peeling. Girls, the effect is simply WOW, I am satisfied and happy, thanks to Dr. Dudikova for her exquisite workmanship."
Singer, Miss Europe Continental 2017
Natalia Varchenko
Anna Mezhueva
Business woman, designer
I was choosing my clinic for beauty procedures steady and carefully. I read lots of reviews and consulted various professionals. The clinic of Dr. Ekaterina Dudikova inspired my confidence. Their instrumental techniques are state-of-the-art. Due to the high professionalism of all the Clinic's physicians, the result is outstanding.
It is said that beauty is inside us, this is our harmony, our self-confidence and the feeling of happiness. But I am also convinced that the correct and regular instrumental care at your clinic is exactly what every girl needs.
Plastic surgery is the most efficient way to achieve a rejuvenating effect. Yet today there are techniques when plastic surgeon and cosmetologist can work simultaneously.

Modern cosmetology, instrumental skin treatment and restoration methods at our Clinic combine the most advanced cosmetology and medicine. The union of plastic surgery and cosmetology is one of the most promising anti-age trends.

We are confident that a professional needs to constantly improve one's level, and more importantly, mainly outside of Ukraine. New trends set by experts from the U.S. and other countries should be studied and implemented. It is important to accept the experience of world famous physicians and, expanding knowledge and horizons, generate own ideas.

At COSMETIC SURGERY CLINIC, we are able to address many medical, aesthetic and cosmetological issues of the human body and face. We have combined the work of cosmetologists and surgeons!

The best team of physicians, the most advanced approaches to treatment and an impressive hardware base – we have combined all this for you at our COSMETIC SURGERY CLINIC.
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